Designing Happiness - UX Collective

What is happiness?

It’s not just a word. It’s a lot more than just being a word. It’s an inner feeling.

To a farmer it’s the flourishing of his crops after sweating his blood for days and nights altogether.

To a peacock it’s dominance of the the black clouds over the magnificent field of  sky.

To a mother it’s the shrill cry of her little one after giving him or her birth, after undergoing all that pain with a wide smile on her pretty face.

To a child it’s the eternal peace which he gets in his mother’s lap.

To a bird it is soaring to heights endlessly, while expending all the energy it has.

To a soldier it’s his country being victorious and see his flag wave high, even at the cost of losing his precious life.

To every single living being in this huge world happiness holds it’s own meaning. So always be happy.

And remember “Happiness is not meant to be found elsewhere, it’s within all of us”.

I would like to conclude with this quote, “Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness”

Thank you!




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