Desires and Duties

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Desires and Duties. The two big question marks of our life. Very often you would have experienced a conflict between the two and is very difficult for one to resolve it. This conflict is persistent. Often people give up their desires for their duties.

Desire is the strong feeling of wanting something. It is the urge within oneself to follow his passion or dreams.

On the other hand duty is the feeling that tells you that you should be doing something. It is an action which a person is required to perform. It is basically his responsibility.

One makes his desires while one chooses his duties.

Peace prevails when desires and duties are congruent. This congruence is possible only when one starts desiring his duties or take up duties which lead to fulfillment of ones desires.

Start loving what you do and you will always be content. This will ultimately be the end of clash between duties and desires.

Thank you!


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