Superstition Mission - The Yale HeraldHow many times have you heard people say this! Beware of the black cat crossing your way as it forebodes destruction for you! Breaking of glass brings seven years of bad luck! Such beliefs still exist in our so called ” educated ” society.

Superstitions are basically, man’s attempt to know the unknown and explain the inexplicable. These are not confined to a part of globe,people, race or community. There are ubiquitous and found throughout the world. They are unconsciously passed on, unchecked from one generation to another.

An example can be taken to understand how superstitions come into existence. A man has two serious accidents on Wednesdays in a particular year. The next year he again meets with an accident on a Wednesday. So this man reaches a conclusion saying that God does not want him to travel on Wednesdays. Now this man consults an astrologer to find a solution for his ill-luck. Astrologers these days are well spoken ,excellent mind readers and exploit the hapless with most lucrative consequences. So now this poor being has no way to find the incomprehensible will of God. He tries developing  an explanation for the misfortune that struck him thrice , but with little success. Thus he is trapped in a whirlpool of superstitions.

We need to put an end to resorting to such illogical practices that insult human intelligence. We need to blend reason with conscious emotions. Our only hope for the future lies in restoring sanity and inculcating a balanced outlook with cultivation of scientific outlook and temper.

Thank you!

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  1. Great point there.
    I wrote a similar post on this stating some superstitious beliefs people are being fed with.
    These all resulted from humans quest for explanation of events and also a way to drive in some teachings that would normally not be accepted.

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