Life in pause mode?

Life seems to have come to a pause,
With the growing vector in the sphere,
Confined within the four pale walls,
With no more locomotives around,
Work from home echoing in our ears,
Online classes keeping us engaged,
No parties, fairs and festivals to relish,
Markets and stores non functional,
Social distancing, the reliable norm,
News citing Corona twenty four seven,
With interaction diminishing to zero,
To grapple with this new way of life,
Is no less than a challenge, to survive.
Life seems to have come to a pause.
Life seems to have come to a pause.

Thank you!!

9 thoughts on “Life in pause mode?

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  1. Hello, first of all how are you doing, I hope you are safe and sound in this difficult time, I intently realise the pain of attending online classes,because on the first outset our whole education system was face to face interactions and discussion, and to confine this whole world within a white screen,can be very disagreeable at times.
    The last two line you repeated in the form of Anaphora does portray the confused state of existence and an utter emptiness of life during this period.
    But we shall overcome all.
    Love and peace.

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