FOWC with Fandango โ€” Photograph

Yesterday, I had written a post named Faded . On the same neha98blog commented saying that I should have extended it to a poem for the real feel. So here heeding to her suggestion I present my piece.


Flipping through the worn album,

I cherish my treasured memories,

Recalling different incidents, vaguely.

In one I am posing on the swing,

In the other, having sweet mangoes,

In the third, playing in baby pool.

But the one closest to my core,

Was my grandmother and me,

Sitting under a tall, green tree.

My love for my grandmother was,

Immense and immeasurable,

She was my teacher, best friend,

We could not live without each other.

I was immersed into the photograph,

And it took me a while to come back.

I went to my grandmother’s room,

To show her the sign of our love,

She was seated on her soft bed,

Knitting a pair of woolen socks.

I moved forward to sit beside her,

Show her the lovely snapshot,

And there came the biggest shock,

I was completely unprepared.

She said, ” Child, who are you? “,

I said, “Granny, What makes you mock?”

She replied, “This is no mockery,

I don’t know who you are.”

These words fell into my ears,

Like piercing nails, In a moment,

Eyes welled up with tears,

Rapidly rolling down my cheeks,

Heart filled with heavy remorse,

There was a permanent ache.

Mind full of distress and misery,

Very disturbed, and deep sorrow,

Soul left with an enormous void.

It felt as though the better part

Of me, was wrecked forever.


Thank you!









25 thoughts on “Void

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      1. Thanks so much! For your support! It means a lot to me!!
        Pls do drop in a comment about your experiences with the item discusses,,
        And don’t forget to suggest some other common household items!! Bcoz I am likely to run of my items!! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

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      2. Thanks a lot!! The post will be published on every alternative day!!
        Thanks a lot for your immense support!!
        Looks like I have got a new friend here!
        Do you mind telling me your name? If not, it’s completely fine too!!โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

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  1. I am touched dearie that you remember my words, and this poem is akin to warm sun-wrapped day of winter, it is like the woolen sock that your grandmother made, a warmth, a comfort that is meant to stay, even she doesn’t remember your name,in her heart you were never apart.
    Love to you darling.

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