The Sandwich

The child woke up in the morning with the same frown on his innocent face. He performed all his morning routine chores. Disheartened, he sat at the dining table. His father informally greeted him and asked him to have his breakfast. Immediately after, his father left for his urgent meeting.

The child was lost as ever. He was quiet. The shine in his eyes was starting to evanesce. His eyes were waiting for someone. The maid served him a plain sandwich. With a grimace, he got up from the table, without having a bite of the sandwich.

He went to his room and locked himself and wondered about his loneliness. He sat on his study table with his head between his hands, staring at the sky through his window. After sometime he got down and went near the dining table where he found the same sandwich with a smiley on it.

Instantly his face glowed. His lips curved into a big smile just like the one on the sandwich. His legs at their command, ran towards the kitchen and he shouted in amazement, “Yes! Mumma you are back!”, to his separated mother.

In response to:

Your Daily Word Prompt- Evanesce

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