Timeless Memories

He was searching for his file in the upper shelf of his cupboard, when a photo album fell on his head, divulging a few photographs on the fine wooden flooring. He was instantly teleported back in time.

He recollected those exciting days when he was on a world tour. Travelling from one place to other, applauding the beauty raised by the mankind. He was completely thrilled and lost at the thought of roaming around the world with his favourite camera on.

First he visited the historic city of Rome. There he stood before the great Colosseum, the gladiators fighting arena. He was drawn by its brilliant history and the of the Roman Empire. He closed his eyes and saw before him the valiant gladiators fighting with fierce animals. The masterpiece radiated its power in all directions.

Then he traveled to Paris. He visited the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of liberation of Paris. He was impressed by the geniuses that created this tall iron tower. This show of great prowess inspired him. He immediately captured this rich monument on his camera.

He was all lost, when suddenly his wife called, “Dear, did you find the meeting file?” He replied, “Give me a minute.” and revived all his senses.

He wished for the same thrill and amusement in life. He wished he could get back in time.

In response to:

What do you see prompt #32

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