black and silver semi automatic pistol on brown wooden table

A look of awe crept into his face. Blackness swept in.

Few minutes back:

Jon stood in the warehouse, gripping his gun tightly, hiding behind the iron rack. It was his first mission and he had a strong desire to succeed. He was an agent in the best espionage team. They were to catch the corrupt chief in that warehouse.

He paced silently into the warehouse, where he heard the chief discussing his plans with his men. Another espionage member, Kyle stood on the other side of the next rack. His senior stood at the other end, concealed. The three of them were ready at their positions. He could now see the chief. He carefully aimed at the chief.

The chief became alert. He immediately pulled Kyle and held his heavy metal gun at his temple. He commanded Jon to place his gun on the floor, then and there, else his gun wouldn’t hesitate to commit the crime. Jon was alarmed. Slowly he bent down and placed his gun on the floor and stood up. He was about to remove his other gun from the back pocket very slowly, to shoot the chief, when a bullet pierced through his chest. He looked around for the person who had done this. He was terrified, it was none but his own senior who had committed this ‘valiant’ deed. Jon fell down on his knees, betrayed as he was. The betrayal hit him so hard that the bullet didn’t seem to give him pain.

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