Todd left his home early in the morning, with his pet dinosaur Steg, for a walk, to a nearby park. On the way, his was deeply absorbed in a thought. He stopped under a shady tree and started rambling.

“It is great to have these morning walks with you Steg, it makes me feel active and energetic. “Without a pause he continued, “The occasional rides that I have on your back fill me with glee. Also it’s fun to play with you and have you as my pet.” He started petting Steg with affection.

Then with a shrinking face he said, “But I don’t understand, why people don’t believe that I have a pet dinosaur.” Todd stared at Steg for sometime.

After two hours he returned home. His mother chided, “Todd, you’re late! I have been waiting for you. Todd stood embarrassed. “Don’t tell me you were hallucinating of Steg again.”

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What do you see

FOWC – Twist

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