The Moonlight Castle

The old castle hails a story long,
The village folks sing it along.
Housing a just, powerful king,
His daughter princess, charming.

Revered by the loving subjects,
His service, justice being abject.
His word, not just a word apass,
His promises would long last.

This caught the demon by envy,
Turning a green eye so keenly.
Calling for ruin of the kingdom,
The demon was short of wisdom.

He slyly poisoned the valiant,
Performing a crime so flagrant.
The king passed beyond the veil,
Leaving the princess in tears, ill.

The shock, so strong, crushing,
Took her life, that was wearying.
The castle echoed with laughter,
Now the fiend taking charge after.

The merry soul of princess wrying,
The castle walls oft heard crying.
Her spirit haunting the demon,
The demon would take no sermon.

The poor subjects all in distress,
Cried for the sweet mistress.
The princess spirit, took charge,
Her foe and motive being so large.

She pushed the demon down,
He rolled over stairs with frown.
The hallway chandelier hanging,
Was fell on the demon strangling.

The demon’s seat reserved in hell,
The princess spirit in heaven’s shell.
Leaving the castle in peace forever,
Deserted, shining in moonlight as ever.

         In response to:

         What do you see Prompt

Thank you!!


51 thoughts on “The Moonlight Castle

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  1. Beautifully written, Aashi. I loved this. You managed to make it rhyme too. I’m glad the monster got what was coming to him. But it’s a pity that the king and his daughter are no more. Great take on the prompt.

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  2. WOW. just wow. This whole poem “played” in front of my eyes— I could just imagine everything happening. This was so creative, so mystically spooky and yet so powerful. This is truly an amazing piece, keep it up Aashi!

    Liked by 1 person

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