Paper Boat

Wallpaper Paper boat, puddle 1920x1200 HD Picture, Image

Leaving the workplace, with a bang,
Drenched in frustration,
Teeth clattering, clang,
At being met with rejection.

His shrunken visage all warmed up,
Eyes filled with anger,
Next getting welled up,
Screaming aloud, with no voice.

There in great distance, he gazed,
Short lads’ play,
Leaving paper boats, their ways,
Leapt merrily in puddles, in gay.

Playing before him, his childhood,
Awaking his childlike innocence,
Pulling a paper off his bag,
Scribbling all his sentiments.

Folding it into a mighty boat,
He slowly knelt down, with care,
Leaving, in a huge puddle, his boat ,
He bade farewell to his despair,

Crossing hurdles, the boat floated far,
Carrying away his muddled phase,
Unstoppable, fearing no mar,
Showing him, he would go places…

Thank you!!

23 thoughts on “Paper Boat

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  1. Your poem just brought about memories of the countless times I’d made paper boats just for the sake of seeing it float. It was fun🥰 …..Thank You for that and I feel your poem is beautiful❤

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