The masterpiece

three line tales week 130: acrylic paints

Dan began with crimson red, smearing it all over. Then he continued with chrome yellow, followed by prussian blue and so on. This way his bulb was ready. He fixed it into the bulb holder and went downstairs.

The same morning she had complained, “Dad, it’s been days since I’ve been out, not even to my favourite garden. We’ve been locked in this house for months together! Am bored to death!”

He pulled her upstairs, blindfolded. Switching on the painted light bulb, he opened her blindfold and immediately her jaw dropped. The entire room was filled with colours, reflected by the walls. She was full of joys of spring.

Hand-Painted Rainbow Flower of Life Mood-Light Bulb | aftcra

She exclaimed, “Dad this is a masterpiece!”

Dan thought to himself, “The smile on your face is my masterpiece!”

Thank you!



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