Longing for Freedom

(Set in 19th century)

Leaving her pet humming bird free, she said, “Today I free you from this caged life, you are free to fly wherever you long to, far and wide. You are free to sing to your heart’s content. I’ve realized how you felt, only after realizing that I myself am shut in the cage of social norms and ceremonies and have lost my freedom. It is indeed painful to know that we all are born free and we leave this mortal world being free, but all our lives we are in bondage to the society and our circumstances. I wish to break free from these shackles and voice my opinions. I long to spread my wings and fly away looking at life in a new way.”

Then she pleaded the bird to visit her every now and then cause she loved him. They parted with tears…..

In Response to:

What do you see prompt: Writing an original story, poem or a caption on the picture provided.

Thank you!

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