Mischievous Mousey

She mischievously popped into that basket near the billing counter and secretly donned her spectacles and began checking the prices of animal food items, closely and called out to her chum,

“Honey, look at the soaring prices of food items”, her face all shriveled.

She went on, “How are we suppose to survive?.”, letting out a long sigh of despair.

Her chum, sharp nosed and bucked teethed, winked playfully saying,

“As we’ve always been surviving. Come along.”, and they quickly entered a new shopping bag, with the vision of looting the store room of a new house…..

In response to:

What do you see: The challenge is to write an original story, poem, or a caption on the picture provided.

Thank you!

© 2020 Aashi D Parekh. All rights reserved.

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