After a tiring day at the CIA, I returned home- my heaven. Hardly had I dropped on my couch, when the doorbell rang. Hesitantly I got up and decided to have a look at my visitor through the peephole.

All I could see from the peephole was a man in white hoodie, his face- a dark menacing shadow under his bright white hood. He seemed to be another one of those assailants who often come at my doorstep, as a real threat.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, I decided to escape. I took a leap from my balcony and landed on the terrace of the next building and ran downstairs with all the speed I had. I hid in the cellar below. On the other hand, the assailant too ran downstairs. To my surprise, the assailant popped from the darker end, from behind of a pillar, and as God would wish for a combat, we met face to face. I was ready for this!

The assailant was heading towards me, when I ran and aimed for a left hook, he blocked my fist. Then I went for the right hook and he shielded it with his right hand with all the strength, such that our positions turned and he stumbled back. By then, I stepped on the rake carefully and got hold on it. I launched a roundhouse with it over his head and he being agile enough ducked with immense agility. There was a sudden adrenaline gush, I got excited. In a moment, he rose for a shin kick to my thigh, making me fall straight. He immediately snatched the rake from my hand. For a moment, I thought he would pierce the rake right through me and the darkness would sweep over me forever. I began perspiring profusely. But nothing of that sort happened, he just threw it aside. I stood up to take a deep breath. I threw a deep jab into his abdomen. He immediately fell and kicked into my stomach with lesser force this time. He got up and gave a fierce blow in my ear as if to calm me down and pushed me back. I held my perfect grip and absorbing all the power from the wall, launched a perfect wall kick. However, both of us ended up falling as at the end I lost my balance too. I ran away to hide behind a trunk in the cellar.

The assailant walked towards me with a slow gait, as though he was enjoying all of this. He seemed to be meddling with something that looked like a toxic smoke grenade. He pulled the pin, now I knew I would be suffocated to death’s bed. My jaw dropped, when red colour was released, realizing it was a colour bomb. I could see a faint figure walking through the smoke. I was almost boxed in.

The assailant came towards me, removing his hood, saying, ” The time has come! I definitely won’t leave you! You engaged me into a deep nonsensical fight, wasting both yours and my strength! And now I’ve decided to fulfill my purpose which you didn’t let me complete!”. This statement whirled me into a brief confusion. He gave a brief shake to his head. Cascade of hair was released against the smoke only to tell me that the assailant whom I perceived to be a male, turned out to be a female. She was four feet away when I realized it was Aveline Pearson, my best friend and colleague at the CIA. She extend her hand warmly and said with a deep sigh, “I’d just come to say, Happy Birthday, Keith!”

This post was written in response to the Photo Challenge #327, hosted by NEKNEERAJ, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I thank NEKNEERAJ for the challenge. The challenge was to use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

This was my first attempt at writing an action sequence. Hope you enjoyed it! I’d like to thank my brother, Parv for helping me with the formulation of the action sequence along with all the terms. I really enjoyed this.

Thank you!

ยฉAashi D Parekh

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