Love notes

The threads of love they wove…
Two hearts always beating as one,
Often defining their true love,
In colourful notes, neatly done,
Decorating their love board above.

All their deep feelings that run…
At times, “Love is love is love!”
Other, “Love is light”, well spun!
Another one , “Where there is love,
There is life”, With a shining sun.

In one, “Love is freedom, beloved”,
Other, a promise to love ever, a ton,
Another, proclaiming oneness in love,
Proven well here, the middle one,
“Love wins in the end”, true love!

Heard love has no boundaries, none!
But as one would say “fates” drove,
“They”, wouldn’t let them, become one,
Breaking their bond protected, gloved,
Wouldn’t live without, with lives done.

Bodies fell apart, wouldn’t move,
Souls reunite in heaven, forever one,
Now I write their epitaph, two doves,
I paste the colourful love notes, worn,
Adorning epitaphs, my emotions shove.

Indeed, love won in the end, above.
It’s simple “Love is love is love!”

This post was written in response to What do you see #43. I thank Sadje for hosting this challenge. The challenge was to write a poem or a prose on the picture provided.

I hope I’ve done justice to the prompt with this piece.

Thank you!

©Aashi D Parekh

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