Carefree bird


Dancing her spirits out, it’s not a show,
Completely lost like, there’s no tomorrow.
Under the sprinkling waters, that blow,
Straight, dare head into the sky, and flow.
Washing away her bottomless sorrows,
Bidding them adieu to endless morrows.
The world around stares and follows,
But their thoughts, she wouldn’t borrow.
Rejoicing in symmetry too, her shadows,
Under the light, rippling water, that throws.
Her soul, dances against the spectral bestow,
As a free bird, under the high blue’s brow.
She’ll dance her spirits out and always glow,
Fending away the fretting world and tomorrow.

This post was written in response to What do you see #44. I thank Sadje for hosting this challenge. The challenge was to write a poem or a prose on the picture provided.

Thank you!

ยฉAashi D Parekh

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