What was my mistake?

Never distant, we were always near,
Tell me! What drew us apart, dear?
This, my very long-living terrible fear,
Our paths apart, now difficult to bear.

All those nights, I stayed wide awake,
When you’re deep asleep, not to break,
Every birthday, we shared the cake,
You dumped me! What was my mistake?

From your first whine and first smile,
Sworn to stay with you, miles and miles,
But cometh the cursed hour, how i’ll,
Keep far? What was my mistake, lil Kyle?




Yours truly…….

brown bear plush toy beside pair of toddler s brown and white shoes on ground in selective focus photography

This post was written in response to Saturday Mix- Opposing Forces. This week the challenge was to use the two opposing words in your response – which can be poetry or prose. Words this week are:

– asleep and awake

– distant and near

Thank you!

©Aashi D Parekh.

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