Oh! No, no, no, no! Not again!

You are the seventh person tracing your eyes from the board to me! Don’t tell me I’ll have to repeat it all over again!

Certainly you know that sign, don’t you? You wise people definitely know what that sign indicates… No “PETS” Allowed!

Me? Do I look like a pet?

No, I’m not! I’m a stray cat!

Ha, I’m not bound to anyone. I’m all by myself. I’m the master of my own fate!


Yes, I steal one or two fishes from the marketplace, everyday.

Sleeping place?

Here, exactly! Under this post most of the times.

Oh no, you don’t have to show your sympathy, in this huge world I’m bound to stay all alone.

You want to adopt me?

There’s absolutely no need for that! You know once I commit to you, you’ll expect from me and I’ll expect from you. And you know expectation is the root of heartache. And this way, staying by myself, would be the best way to avoid disappointment. I don’t want that business.

Okay then! See you next time! I feel extremely sleepy and lazy right now. Byeee!!!

Oh, another person just left. I really wished she’d pressed a little more. Hope she turns back!

Note: I really have no idea why, as soon as I saw this picture, this was the conversation into my mind and I just decided to put this into words. Hope it makes sense.

This post was written in response to the Photo Challenge #329, hosted by NEKNEERAJ, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I thank NEKNEERAJ for the challenge. The challenge was to use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Thank you!

Β©Aashi D Parekh.

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