Sonnet: On such a night…

Starry nights (CW15) | The Sky and the Roses

On such a night, when the skies blushed pink
Cherishing the bloom of a new moon bright
Dazzling stars sung in unison, on sky’s brink
Our hearts, resonating, in rhythm right
Rolling waters kissing the sands, serenade
Rustling leaves, whisper of love, to winds fair
And sweet silence echoes, this lovely glade
Secluding us from that world, a fading lair
My eyes playing with yours, prying deep for
Fair warm secret messages that from me hide
My soul adoring your love, wishing for more
Hand in hand, let’s walk to the brighter side

True love to reside, not maquerade’s disguise
Let’s dream of our zenith with waking eyes….

I know I’ve been very irregular with my blog these days nor have I visited your blogs. And now, this week, with the start of my new academic session and loads of online classes, it’s becoming even more difficult for me to balance between things. But I hope all my activities fall in place with coming days and make time for my blog.

Thank you!

©Aashi D Parekh


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