Inside the box

After putting on my best thinking cap and working my brain all around the clock, I did painfully realize that my thoughts were like two drops of water in the dead dreary desert mind of mine. Before I could capture them they would just evaporate in thin air, leaving me with absolutely nothing to write for my new wordpress post.

I walked from the hall to the room not less than fifty times. A heap of paper balls, about one-fourth my height readily welcomed people to my room.

So finally, as you see, I got into this box, hoping to find an idea, which would be out of the box.

Mommy shouting at the top of her voice from behind, “Aashi what are you up to? Why are you wearing the box? Participating in fancy dress competition, is it?”

Startled, I tumbled and fell down wondering what next???

This post was written in response to the Photo Challenge #332, hosted by NEKNEERAJ, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I thank NEKNEERAJ for the challenge. The challenge was to use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Thank you!

ยฉAashi D Parekh.

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