From the heights

Pulling through the multitude
I did make it! Reached the top
That highest point, overpeering
The tiny world, its tiny beings
But before I could cherish all
That I did have, that I’d achieved
I found myself engulfed in that
Thick, blinding fog of loneliness
Strangulating, sweeping over me
And somehow the will to live died…

Thank you!

©Aashi D Parekh

34 thoughts on “From the heights

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  1. Aaishi, I like the moment in the poem when the speaker looks down and sees a tiny world with “tiny beings.” That is a perfect expression of detachment. Then the poem goes on to talk about lonliness and progresses to loss of will to live.
    As I read the words, they seemed to be spoken in a calm, very logical voice. Chilling! The photo,too, is terrifying. If I have nightmares, I am blaming you! 🙂

    Have a great weekend! Cheryl

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    1. Thank you🙂
      I like the way you have interpreted it!
      What I feel is, the person was constantly in pursuit of success. Working hard for years together, he did manage to reach that height he always wanted to be on. But from there when he look down on, from where he had come, he realized he had left behind all his loved ones and now that he had no one with him except for his achievements, he felt extremely lonely and that consumed his will to live.

      And about the photo, as soon as I that pic, I wanted to write something on that and I did.
      I’m willing to take the blame for all your nightmares 😂😂
      Thank you💜

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