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I still remember the unfortunate day,
I was to go for my job interview in May,
My mother wouldn't stop but pray,
The beads in her hand steadily sway.
My father, his hair all in white,
(Definitely not under sunlight)
Pacing across the hall, in dim light,
Showering his counsel, "Do it right!"
As I walk meekly past the gate,
She enters from left with majestic gait,
Even in the sun, her eyes scintillate,
Her "black fur" threatening "my fate".
She crossed my path, (not to blame),
Like a swarm of bees, the neighbours came,
They chanted all Gods, with one aim,
To cripple the Evil's dark game.
As the seconds pass, the clock ticks loud,
The crowd prevented my way out,
One said, the cat's act would confound,
Any chances I had, without doubt.
Their tongues, as always, cited "wisdom",
Sins of previous birth, I had to suffer them,
This would purify my soul, they said in unison,
Lessening my sufferings in next birth, said some.
All my efforts to get through the crowd were in vain,
The tongues clicked on and on, wouldn't refrain,
Time, chance lost, whom to blame, debated my brain,
The innocent cat or the crowd, inane?

Thank you!


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