Photo credit Pobble 365
When the pure silver beauty rises,
Obscured in the thick blanket of fog,
Toiling it's way through rustling leaves,
And reigns the darkness all around,
The blood within my veins boils,
My skin gets thicker and thicker,
My fangs reveal in a way of smile,
With gleaming bloody, ravenous eyes,
The unbridled devilry within, releases,
And thirst for blood is all I crave for,
A painful shriek of laughter echoes,
To crack the old swinging windows,
A piece of glass I pick and stare,
An unfamiliar visage is all I see,
"Who is this?"
"Is it someone I know?"
"Is it a mask or it's just me?"
The undying pain reflecting in the eyes,
I guess it was always there,
Just needed some light to show and guide...

Written in response to Photo Challenge

Thank you!

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