Those good old days

Those good old days,  will always be remembered, will always be remembered.

Those days full of unfamiliarity and new faces, will always be remembered, will always be remembered.

Those days which got us close to each other, will always be remembered, will always be remembered.

Those fights for the seats at the back, will always be remembered, will always be remembered.

Those days of playing pranks on each other, will always be remembered, will always be remembered.

Those days of calling each other by their nicknames, will always be remembered, will always be remembered.

Those good old days, will never be forgotten and will always be rememberedr



Invaluable Tears

These droplets fell off her eyes,

Making her feel worse than ever.

These pearls fallen from her eyes had no value.

They were never called tears,

They were merely droplets.

Everyone criticized these droplets,

No one could see,

through these transparent droplets.

With no choice left,

The feelings had to be suppressed.

Her heart got heavier and heavier.

Her tears got better of her.

Finally this “Once upon a time brave heart”,

Had to give up.

Finally causing her doom,

The pearl like tears dried forever.

Thank you.








Life lesson.

My eyes came into contact of his,

Something flashed into my mind.

My heart said, “Just run away”,

My mind said,” It is not right to do so”.

I ignored my mind and went ahead,

The man saw me running,

He followed me sprinting.

I had no time to think,

My legs were at their command.

My face was turning red,

With perspiration sweat.

It was time to escape,

It was time to get as far as I could.

He was just behind me,

Trying to get hold of me.

I stopped for a while,

Being very tired.

There he came with a smile,

And I knew it was his time.

I learnt a life lesson,

When I was in his clutches.

This all happened because

I failed to give him the 100 dollars

That I had borrowed from him.

Thank you.

Deep Rooted

via Daily Prompt: Roots

She took a long breath and remained deep rooted. Nothing could shake her faith, her confidence, in herself. She knew she could do it< although she had gone through so much. She did not turn back. She knew the  almighty was overhead and she had a heart within herself which was as determined as a huge boulder.The time had come to her pass.

The coach shouted, “Ready, steady”, Followed by a loud gun shot sound. She started running as fast as cheetah. She did not even have a glance at her surroundings. She knew , she had to do it and she was on her right way to do it. She did not care about others, she went on.

On the way to achieve her goal, she remembered  those days which led to the happenings of that day. She studied in a very reputed school’s sixth standard. Her parents earned enough to get her admitted to that school. Everything went on fine till her first day to school. As soon as she entered the class some ill-mannered students started shouting,” See,see look at this brown girl, let’s name her Browny.”

On hearing this, tears welled up her eyes. Slowly these tears flowed down her soft cheeks like priceless pearls. No one in the class could understand the worth of these precious-precious pearls. Never had she felt so humiliated. This went on for days. Slowly she started getting use to, to all of this. No longer she felt humiliated.

One fine day, it was announced in the assembly that “Sports Day” is going to be held after ten days. As soon as she she heard this, she started practicing for the occasion. Again here the ill-mannered students came and said, “Hey girl! You are not suppose take part in this competition and even if you take part, you won’t be able to win.”

At this, the girl answered that she would take up the challenge and prove to them that she could win the competition.

After remembering all of this, her speed,focus and determination increased and increased incredibly. People sitting in the crowds saw the girl with so much surprise that they could not restore themselves to their normal condition. The girl raced all the ill-mannered students and reached her goal.

Her deep rooted faith determination , faith and confidence brought about her success.

Her resolve proved that coloured people are just coloured from outside but the uncoloured people ( the racists )  are coloured within.

Thank you.




The Real Climb

Out came into this huge space,

A little one with a small face.

Crying and whining with shrill voice,

Making his happy mother rejoice.

Climbing the branches of knowledge tree,

He got into his school’s nursery.

Climbing the ladder of his life,

There came a stage where he needed a wife.

Time to get wedded,

He was a big man, you get it ?

Now it was time to become successful,

Climbing the ladder of career was wonderful.

There came a sac full of happiness,

He was no more issueless.

History repeated itself again,

It was like a cycling chain.

While all of this, the man grew old,

His skin formed into folds.

His breathe was getting slow,

His health was getting low.

He was getting towards the end of his climb,

He finally had to leave his clime.

To climb this ladder of life is very hard,

It depends on you , whether you take two or five steps forward.

Thank you.



Permanent Sunlight on my Eyes

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Have you ever listen to the music of slow blowing wind? Have you ever tried to smell fresh sunlight on the breeze ? Have you ever tried to hug the fast blowing breeze? have you ever tried to cherish the taste of temple sweet (prasad), bite by bite?

Have you ever slept on your mother’s lap and felt each cell say ,” I am there for you child, I love you!”? Have you ever gone into the deep music and felt it vibrating throughout your body? Have you ever danced to the beats of rainy breeze? Have you ever tasted the true flavour of love? Have you ever listened to the beseeching voice of nature?

Have you ever felt the nature’s motherly love in each bite of food that you eat? Have you ever felt the pride in peacock’s voice? Have you ever heard to the cry of a petty insect, stuck in spider’s web, waiting for its death? Have you felt the bitter episodes deeply through the walks of your life and questioned yourself?

I know you would not have done all of this. But, I have.

Have you realised that there is no path for light to enter my soul? Have you realised that there is permanent sunlight on my eyes?

That is……….I am…………BLIND.

The doors of my eyes are permanently lashed.

I am physically blind but I am not blind within.

Thank you!

Reminiscing Empty Emotions

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This is the blank space of my feelings and emotions.There is a lot to express right now, but things are unexpressed. I am not able to guide my feelings out of my soul.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die, they are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”

I hope this makes me feel better. I hope you get the slightest taste of my emotions, thoughts and feelings right now.

Thank you!