My Favourite Feelings: 10

Each day, my pen plays its little innings, Pouring out all my pure, tender feelings, My timid heart pounding and doubting, But family's flowing likes, doubts washed in, From unknown yet known, surroundings! And now, when the cell vibrates, rings, With a century to my score, adding in, My happiness having no bounds again. My... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 9

Here's My Favourite Feeling #9: The dark, deep sky, At night, I often gaze, With wide open eyes, Calling me high, To embrace me, In it's cold arms, To pet me, warm, As my dear mother, Into that slumber, Long as eternity, Asks me to shine, As that blinking star, To guide, the other one,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 8

Here's my Favourite Feeling #8: That very deep aroma, Is enough to drive me out, The dark drink is here, To mark my bright day, Awakening all my senses, A sip into the drink, Enriches my taste buds, An exotic feeling, Never to forget, ever. Thank you! Click here to read My Favourite Feeling 7.... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 7

Here's My Favourite Feeling #7: Each note of the pure music, Surreal! Sublimates my very soul, To erase the dark lurking shadows, Enlightening, creating a better me. Thank you! Click here to read My Favourite Feeling 6. ©Aashi D Parekh

My Favourite Feelings: 6

Here's My Favourite Feeling #6: Yellow, green, red and blue, Canvas filled with all the hues, Way to paint happiness through, Showcases the world in my view, A spectacle into my soul, anew, A feeling so pleasant and true! Let my paintings, get eyes glued, A colourful window, fresh and new....... Thank you! Click here... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 5

Here's My Favourite Feeling #5: Sweet petrichor rise, Warns tears shed by the abode, Cleansing all my sins. Thank you! Click here to read My Favourite Feeling 4. ©Aashi D Parekh

My Favourite Feelings: 4

Here's My Favourite Feeling #4: My expressions, in, Make way out, in my scribblings, Flows from my fingertips, As inexperienced writings, My deep breathings on my sheet! Thank you! I know these poems are not very well articulated and concise. That's because of the lack of time, before the festival. Also, these being my feelings,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 3

Here's My Favourite Feeling #3: Absorbed into those pages, An escape into new worlds, Monsters, fairies come alive, Rainbows, adventures at the same time! Each flip invites a new turn! The smell stealing me from me, A whole new experience every single time! Thank you! Click here to read My Favourite Feeling 2. ©Aashi D... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 2

Here's My Favourite Feeling #2: Family Time! Time to share our sorrows, besides pleasures, Time for the best times in our lives, Having two fists with my brother, Both getting chided by father, while laughing, Then mother comes in to rescue, Spraying unending love on one another, When standing all together as a wall, We... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 1

'Falling upwards' was nominated for this tag "10 of my Favourite Feelings" by Shweta, My Random Ramblings. I thank her for nominating me for this tag. My sincere apologies for the delay. About the Tag: The tag is the brainchild of Xandria. In her own words, she came across a couple of YouTube videos called... Continue Reading →


Greetings! I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy! Here I have a small announcement to make. For the next 8 days, I wouldn't be able to blog. That's because we're having an 8 day festival. However, I've decided to schedule some posts for the next few days. It's indeed sad I wouldn't be able... Continue Reading →

The Penable Award

Hoorahh...✨. I am indeed glad to announce that "Falling Upwards" has received The Penable Awards #1 and #2 for the poems: Friendship Silence...... These poems were submitted for Thursday Poetry Competition hosted by H.R Pheonix, who's an amazing author and inspires new writers to give their best. Do check her blog for daily motivation. Penable... Continue Reading →

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