Like the red hot temper of blazing fire, Thaws the low cold temper of icicles Like the growing warmth of deep desire, Conquors the cool decree of discipline Like the heat of flowing blood acquires, Control over cold bondage of loyalty Like long lost warmth of real love dire, Quells the thirst of lasting cool... Continue Reading →

Lost words

The gates to my mind's runway, Clearly latched, no escape way, Shut on all that can fly away. Thoughts and words, in array, Ripe and set to fly, all that way, Crash-land sans going faraway. Sitting with pen, paper that day, Blank and blank for hours, I say, Banging my head, doing all I may.... Continue Reading →

Touching cotton clouds white…

To touch those cotton clouds white, In colourful balloon, I'll fly high, I'll reach the heights, infinite. In it's shelter, the sun smiles bright, In the sky above my dreams afloat lie, To touch those cotton clouds white. Hangs about my heart, a little fright, It's outstared, with courage's eye, I'll reach the heights, infinite.... Continue Reading →

What was my mistake?

Never distant, we were always near, Tell me! What drew us apart, dear? This, my very long-living terrible fear, Our paths apart, now difficult to bear. All those nights, I stayed wide awake, When you're deep asleep, not to break, Every birthday, we shared the cake, You dumped me! What was my mistake? From your... Continue Reading →

Carefree bird

Dancing her spirits out, it's not a show, Completely lost like, there's no tomorrow. Under the sprinkling waters, that blow, Straight, dare head into the sky, and flow. Washing away her bottomless sorrows, Bidding them adieu to endless morrows. The world around stares and follows, But their thoughts, she wouldn't borrow. Rejoicing in symmetry too,... Continue Reading →

Love notes

The threads of love they wove... Two hearts always beating as one, Often defining their true love, In colourful notes, neatly done, Decorating their love board above. All their deep feelings that run... At times, "Love is love is love!" Other, "Love is light", well spun! Another one , "Where there is love, There is... Continue Reading →


Beware! I'm not what I seem! These mere shows of dross, All this glow, this fancy facade, Engulfs the deep darkness within. Beware! This glistening body, Pleasing outside it beholds, Shelters a vile, crushing soul, That crouches and weeps within. Beware! A constant fight persists, Tween my angels and fiends, Eternal struggle, sufferance lies. Body... Continue Reading →

The endless path

Is it the long path getting narrower? Or my inability to gauge the former? Shrouded in vagueness of the path taken. Wrapped in fog, vision unclear, faken. Whims and fancies of a smoky mind, Unaware of what's taking at the hind. Where I started? There! With the majority, Walked to the crossroads, with my fraternity,... Continue Reading →


The dark fickle clouds glided in, Completely shading the mighty sun, Eager for striking my dead ground, A perfect setup made to reform, A fierce storm to rage within, The dark purple clouds roared, Inviting the great storms within, A storm of fresh, diverse ideas, A storm of firm grit, determination, A storm of precious... Continue Reading →

My Sanctum

Emotions streaming from brains, Break free from these open hands, Embellishing the wretched walls, Sentiments of all sorts, of any kind, Pitch dark as the threatening hell, Or bright as the sun high in the sky, Tearing apart, flaming fiery fights, Or amorous love flowing in air, Whole burden of crushing stress, Or random strokes... Continue Reading →

Dearth of Nobility

Mamma and baby's day out, Clung to mamma's belly, stout. She jumps from tree to other, Baby clutches her tight further. She moved with utmost agility, Found bananas caged, near a tree. Grasped the bananas, little scared, Senses awake, she's being snared. She forces tiny baby out before, Urging baby to move fast, forth. The... Continue Reading →

Buried Alive

I'm the second heart thumping within her, A tiny seed sown as a sign of their deep love, An angel, full of life, yet yearning to live one, Containing my love, emotions for the world, So many dreams I dream oft, I'll live them all. Kicking, with great excitement, here and there, "Yayyyy!! I'm coming",... Continue Reading →

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