102 years?

Taking a puff or two of his fancy cigar, he said, “Well kid, when you see death,  just tell him, I ain’t ready you skeletal piece of shit! And if I see you again, I’m gonna stick my foot up your ass!” Feeling a little out of place, I drew all my courage to ask... Continue Reading →


Aging had swept its swift wand over her, but her partner's deep, praise-filled eyes never failed to rejuvenate her. This post was written in response to Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 8. The word prompt for this week was Rejuvenation. The challenge was to write an exactly 20-word story. Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

Her lair

Hardly had she sighted me, when she began scampering. She hid in something which looked familiar! Oh!! My missing shoes!! This post was written in response to Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 5. The word prompt for this week was Hiding. The challenge was to write an exactly 20-word story. Thank you!


Oh! No, no, no, no! Not again! You are the seventh person tracing your eyes from the board to me! Don't tell me I'll have to repeat it all over again! Certainly you know that sign, don't you? You wise people definitely know what that sign indicates... No "PETS" Allowed! Me? Do I look like... Continue Reading →


Mortals, having plagued the silent slumber of the pristine nature, faced the fierce wrath of the invincible: An oblique warning.... This post was written in response to Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 4. The word prompt for this week was Oblique. The challenge was to write an exactly 20-word story.Thank you!©Aashi D Parekh.


After a tiring day at the CIA, I returned home- my heaven. Hardly had I dropped on my couch, when the doorbell rang. Hesitantly I got up and decided to have a look at my visitor through the peephole. All I could see from the peephole was a man in white hoodie, his face- a... Continue Reading →

Mischievous Mousey

She mischievously popped into that basket near the billing counter and secretly donned her spectacles and began checking the prices of animal food items, closely and called out to her chum, "Honey, look at the soaring prices of food items", her face all shriveled. She went on, "How are we suppose to survive?.", letting out... Continue Reading →


Hey, what's up with you? Why do you hide yourself from me? You know how much I love sitting in this balcony and having a cup of coffee with you, in the mornings. You make me feel sprightly, otherwise I'm lethargic. Also my clothes haven't dried for past three days😅. Can't bear with your cavalier... Continue Reading →

Longing for Freedom

(Set in 19th century) Leaving her pet humming bird free, she said, "Today I free you from this caged life, you are free to fly wherever you long to, far and wide. You are free to sing to your heart's content. I've realized how you felt, only after realizing that I myself am shut in... Continue Reading →

The bungled sale

One day my mum, sat down reading the newspaper, which announced "Grand Sale only at your own Hypermart on July 7th!! Hurry now!". She was struck dumb. You know how all our mothers are. She screamed, calling for me keenly. I came running, wondering what on the Earth had happened. She said, "Sweety, there's a... Continue Reading →

The nightly errand

She enters the house every evening, with her gang, unwelcome guests, through that window, unnoticed. She enjoins the gang, "Be watchful. Spread yourselves in all the corners. Yonder, those rooms harbour those petty beings. Verily, swear by the Gods, you won't let them have peaceful slumber. Hide behind those curtains first, then buzz with all... Continue Reading →

The masterpiece

Dan began with crimson red, smearing it all over. Then he continued with chrome yellow, followed by prussian blue and so on. This way his bulb was ready. He fixed it into the bulb holder and went downstairs. The same morning she had complained, "Dad, it's been days since I've been out, not even to... Continue Reading →

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