Heathers for sale!

Sale! Sale! Heathers for sale! Use them to embellish the dreamy groom's fancies' bed or to fragrance the sleep of the dead in his grim grey grave. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write a poem or a prose on the word Heather in exactly 27... Continue Reading →


Why do the darkest rooms lie behind the most colorful walls? Why are the deepest secrets found behind the most cheerful visages? Why are the loneliest people found among the hugest crowds? It's all so deceptive.

Back home?

Back into the old familiar vennel,Yet the heart thumps hard within,Quick shivers conduct through,With each step, as the door nears,My dreaded soul, quick at it's heels,To run miles away, the other end,In dire straits, becoming onerous,To put myself together, to face her,Back home, here, after several years,Will she welcome me with open arms,Or doors remain... Continue Reading →

From the heights

Pulling through the multitudeI did make it! Reached the topThat highest point, overpeeringThe tiny world, its tiny beingsBut before I could cherish allThat I did have, that I'd achievedI found myself engulfed in thatThick, blinding fog of lonelinessStrangulating, sweeping over meAnd somehow the will to live died… Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

Inside the box

After putting on my best thinking cap and working my brain all around the clock, I did painfully realize that my thoughts were like two drops of water in the dead dreary desert mind of mine. Before I could capture them they would just evaporate in thin air, leaving me with absolutely nothing to write... Continue Reading →

A sense of hope

By Aashi D Parekh A blooming flower, Spreading petals, scent, around, Dew drops, a fresh tinge Touched by warm, playful sunshine, A sense of rising hope, new.Thank you!©2020 Aashi D Parekh. All rights reserved.

Song Lyrics

Fighting flames of fire Hang onto burning wires We don't care anymore Are we fading lovers? We keep wasting colors Maybe we should let this go.......... ..........Never face each other One bed, different covers We don't care anymore Two hearts still beating On with different rhythms Maybe we should let this go ∼All we know... Continue Reading →


The jet black blanket, Bracing an aurous, Amalgamation- heat and light, Radiating bright, On the azure-emerald, Sphere, thriving life. The cold, glorious, White body aligns, between, Forming a divine syzygy! In response to: Weekend Writing Prompt- Syzygy Thank you!

‘Tis time!

Here I've penned the thoughts tossing in my head: 'Tis time to wipe my slate clean, And start afresh again, 'Tis time to bury the dead past, Which like the argosies fiercely tossed, On the dreadful ocean, fast. 'Tis time to wipe my slate clean, And start afresh again, 'Tis time to adorn the present,... Continue Reading →


And now, I see his free soul gamboling about his only pretty, purple expanse, to his heart's content, And then in the blink of an eye, he leaves for the heavens amidst those mighty, green hills, unknown, oblivious to mortal beings, Leaving me down and broken, all in tears, damped, no one to console, no... Continue Reading →

Discovering herself

Making the journey to the unknown, she knew it for certain that the journey would be more beauteous than the destination itself, for she would be discovering the new herself.

Ethereal Love

The ethereal thread of love, Is easily snapped by relentless ego, Embroider the canvas of life with this thread, And witness the beauty that follows.   This is in response to Thursday Poetry competition!!!! hosted by H.R Phoenix. Thank you!!

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