And now, I see his free soul gamboling about his only pretty, purple expanse, to his heart's content, And then in the blink of an eye, he leaves for the heavens amidst those mighty, green hills, unknown, oblivious to mortal beings, Leaving me down and broken, all in tears, damped, no one to console, no... Continue Reading →

Discovering herself

Making the journey to the unknown, she knew it for certain that the journey would be more beauteous than the destination itself, for she would be discovering the new herself.

Ethereal Love

The ethereal thread of love, Is easily snapped by relentless ego, Embroider the canvas of life with this thread, And witness the beauty that follows.   This is in response to Thursday Poetry competition!!!! hosted by H.R Phoenix. Thank you!!


                                        -Art by Aashi D Parekh, fallingupwardsBe ferocious , when something wrong is happening, in front of your eyes. Be powerful, when someone is oppressing you. Be courageous, when facing pain. Don't be submissive. Be strong,... Continue Reading →


How many times have you heard people say this! Beware of the black cat crossing your way as it forebodes destruction for you! Breaking of glass brings seven years of bad luck! Such beliefs still exist in our so called " educated " society. Superstitions are basically, man's attempt to know the unknown and explain... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing Empty Emotions

via Daily Prompt: Elicit                   This is the blank space of my feelings and emotions.There is a lot to express right now, but things are unexpressed. I am not able to guide my feelings out of my soul. "Unexpressed emotions will never die, they are buried alive... Continue Reading →

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