Three Line Tale #10: Karma

Quack, Quack! My master is such a bag of nuisance, he immerses his stinky body into this tub each day, making me sick as a dog, killing half my community and then he squishes me, God knows what sadistic pleasure he derives! But, I am extremely thankful to the just Karma, it will definitely hit... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #9: Escape from reality

She gets out, every evening, from her wobbly hut, sheltering her granny, at death's door, her mother coughing through the smoke spreading from the chullah and her father, fed up of his life, having seen nothing but poverty. Each day she cycles to the bridge- her escape from reality, the sky of her dreams, welcoming... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #8: Magnified?

Miss McCready entered the park through a large gate with the board, "Caution! Mind your head", she spread her palms in amazement, not knowing why it was hung there. Then she moved forward to see a giant ogre like man, almost eight feet, which made her fall flat, unconscious. On carrying her to the doctor,... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #7: The Fort

As the fort was nearing, both of them were completely puffed up, yet their lips curved in a way of smile, their eyes sparkled, once looking at the fort and then looking at each other. About thirty years back, the same narrow path was an easy walk, while hiking and their fond love found expression... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #6: Dream on

No sooner did he realize his flying powers, than he began saving the mankind from the clutches of the baleful, mysterious powers. His dedication towards the humanity invited a deadly fight between the virtuous and the evil. The clock struck 7 and alarm on the side table went off, everything waned. In response to: Three... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #5 : Tangled

His yearning for fame and prosperity kept him tangled up in work, day and night, weeks and months together, leaving him with no time for anyone. His sweet little children, wife, relatives and friends kept waiting for him endlessly, with little expectations though. Consequently, he faced a fall in relations, left alone with fame and... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #4 : Trapped

With the vision of discovering an unknown place, he stepped into this island with this board, "DANGER DO NOT ENTER." Mesmerized by the tall, bushy magical trees, heavenly flowers, deep lake and beautiful creatures, he decided to sleep on the soft sac present there. The sun sinking below the horizon, woke him up to realize... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tales #3: Concern

He sat assembling the model morning, noon and night. He wouldn't listen to his mother calling him, "Son, what are you up to?" He came in running, showing his automatic vegetable cutter model and said, "Mother, I plan to bring this model to reality in future, so that you don't cut your fingers." This post... Continue Reading →

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