Six Word Story #17- Motivation

Children motivated mother to learn English. This post was written in response to Six Word Story Prompt- Motivation. The challenge was to write a six word story on the word Motivation. I thank Shweta for hosting this challenge. Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

Sonnet: On such a night…

On such a night, when the skies blushed pinkCherishing the bloom of a new moon brightDazzling stars sung in unison, on sky's brinkOur hearts, resonating, in rhythm rightRolling waters kissing the sands, serenadeRustling leaves, whisper of love, to winds fairAnd sweet silence echoes, this lovely gladeSecluding us from that world, a fading lairMy eyes playing... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #19: Journey

Being very excited on exploring the beauty of Serenissima, with her love, Amanda waited for Dariel at the spot they had decided. She frantically gave eager glances at her watch, every minute or so. At once, the skipper from within the water taxi alighted asking her, "Ma'am are you waiting for me?", taking off his... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #18: Awakening

Yes dear Cory, in the same flea market, I took to pickpocketing, that being my first and the last time. "How did that happen, grandpa?", questioned little Cory. I slyly got my hands on a man's wallet, having a photograph, probably of his beloved and next something within me struck: I was not only stealing... Continue Reading →

Six Word Story #16- Success

Here's my take: Filling lives with smiles: Her success With this, I would like to share one of my experiences: Last year, my institute had organized a quiz competition for differently abled children. Children from various government schools had been invited to take part. First there was a screening test, where we, the NSS volunteers,... Continue Reading →

Sands of Time

On the fine sands of time,With bated breath, mine,I stagger, fall, get up fine,With might again, I climb. The dunes beat me off rhyme,All blow against: wind, clime,The inner conscience whines,"Nothing in hands of thine." I grip in my hands, sands fine,The more I fist sands refined,The grains slip, in swift lines,From the weary hands... Continue Reading →

My Fair Lady

It's to you, my Fair LadyI reckon and I prey theeBe mine, leave not my sideThrough this journey, guideLet not the wretched thornsCross my feet, but scornAnd if they vow to do soTurn their hearts light lowInto beaut blooming flowersSoftness emanating from coreMy Fair Lady, let not soreDarkness invade my dear soulBut the light of... Continue Reading →


Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on The true embody of sheer powerAlong with mystery that hoversLabours meticulously, the sewerKnits her trap webs, for hoursTricks her prey, space scouredCleverly, traps them, foe sour We learn this, with much adoWe knit the web of lies, I do!Oft, to escape traps and bluesTo achingly realise, a few do!I... Continue Reading →

Her lair

Hardly had she sighted me, when she began scampering. She hid in something which looked familiar! Oh!! My missing shoes!! This post was written in response to Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 5. The word prompt for this week was Hiding. The challenge was to write an exactly 20-word story. Thank you!


Like the red hot temper of blazing fire, Thaws the low cold temper of icicles Like the growing warmth of deep desire, Conquors the cool decree of discipline Like the heat of flowing blood acquires, Control over cold bondage of loyalty Like long lost warmth of real love dire, Quells the thirst of lasting cool... Continue Reading →

Lost words

The gates to my mind's runway, Clearly latched, no escape way, Shut on all that can fly away. Thoughts and words, in array, Ripe and set to fly, all that way, Crash-land sans going faraway. Sitting with pen, paper that day, Blank and blank for hours, I say, Banging my head, doing all I may.... Continue Reading →

Touching cotton clouds white…

To touch those cotton clouds white, In colourful balloon, I'll fly high, I'll reach the heights, infinite. In it's shelter, the sun smiles bright, In the sky above my dreams afloat lie, To touch those cotton clouds white. Hangs about my heart, a little fright, It's outstared, with courage's eye, I'll reach the heights, infinite.... Continue Reading →

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