My Favourite Feelings: 10

Each day, my pen plays its little innings, Pouring out all my pure, tender feelings, My timid heart pounding and doubting, But family's flowing likes, doubts washed in, From unknown yet known, surroundings! And now, when the cell vibrates, rings, With a century to my score, adding in, My happiness having no bounds again. My... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Feelings: 1

'Falling upwards' was nominated for this tag "10 of my Favourite Feelings" by Shweta, My Random Ramblings. I thank her for nominating me for this tag. My sincere apologies for the delay. About the Tag: The tag is the brainchild of Xandria. In her own words, she came across a couple of YouTube videos called... Continue Reading →


After a tiring day at the CIA, I returned home- my heaven. Hardly had I dropped on my couch, when the doorbell rang. Hesitantly I got up and decided to have a look at my visitor through the peephole. All I could see from the peephole was a man in white hoodie, his face- a... Continue Reading →


Beware! I'm not what I seem! These mere shows of dross, All this glow, this fancy facade, Engulfs the deep darkness within. Beware! This glistening body, Pleasing outside it beholds, Shelters a vile, crushing soul, That crouches and weeps within. Beware! A constant fight persists, Tween my angels and fiends, Eternal struggle, sufferance lies. Body... Continue Reading →

The endless path

Is it the long path getting narrower? Or my inability to gauge the former? Shrouded in vagueness of the path taken. Wrapped in fog, vision unclear, faken. Whims and fancies of a smoky mind, Unaware of what's taking at the hind. Where I started? There! With the majority, Walked to the crossroads, with my fraternity,... Continue Reading →

Six Word Story Prompt #13- Gratitude

His revived breaths: Gift from mother. This post was written in response to Six Word Story Prompt- Gratitude, hosted by Shweta Suresh, My Random Ramblings. The challenge, this week was to write a six word story on the word Gratitude . Thank you!! ©Aashi D Parekh. All rights reserved.


The dark fickle clouds glided in, Completely shading the mighty sun, Eager for striking my dead ground, A perfect setup made to reform, A fierce storm to rage within, The dark purple clouds roared, Inviting the great storms within, A storm of fresh, diverse ideas, A storm of firm grit, determination, A storm of precious... Continue Reading →

Six Word Story Prompt #11- Money

Treachery: killed thousands, money over mankind.   This post was written in response to Six Word Story Prompt- Money, hosted by Shweta Suresh, My Random Ramblings. The challenge, this week was to write a six word story on the word Money. Thank you!! ©Aashi D Parekh. All rights reserved.

Mischievous Mousey

She mischievously popped into that basket near the billing counter and secretly donned her spectacles and began checking the prices of animal food items, closely and called out to her chum, "Honey, look at the soaring prices of food items", her face all shriveled. She went on, "How are we suppose to survive?.", letting out... Continue Reading →

Ever-glistening waves

Trotting eagerly towards that direction, Roaring, glistening waves, calling her, And clearly washing her transient feet. Never-ending waves rising, then falling, Straight off, waters ebbing to far lands, Incessant, reinstate to kiss the gold sands. Entering the waters, she took a glimpse of, Neat mirroring yet not steady, fading, Contemplating with pain, life's transience, Even... Continue Reading →

Treacherous nights

Tossing and turning eternally, In my terrible, thorny bed, Troublesome thoughts tottering, In my timid, untamable mind, Tailing off totally, my temporary, My already tampered slumber, Time ticking tick-tick leisurely, Thwarting my tired eyes to close, And adore the treasure of tranquility, My troubled self totally saturated, My torso trembling under the tangled sheets, The... Continue Reading →

100 Posts!!

Wowww 🤩!!! I'm filled with glee! I can't believe, I've written 100 posts on Falling upwards! It's an awesome feeling! Also, Falling upwards has crossed 400 followers a few days back. I acknowledge all your support and affection that you have showered over this blog. I thank all of you for reading my posts, good... Continue Reading →

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