My Fair Lady

It's to you, my Fair LadyI reckon and I prey theeBe mine, leave not my sideThrough this journey, guideLet not the wretched thornsCross my feet, but scornAnd if they vow to do soTurn their hearts light lowInto beaut blooming flowersSoftness emanating from coreMy Fair Lady, let not soreDarkness invade my dear soulBut the light of... Continue Reading →

A sense of hope

By Aashi D Parekh A blooming flower, Spreading petals, scent, around, Dew drops, a fresh tinge Touched by warm, playful sunshine, A sense of rising hope, new.Thank you!©2020 Aashi D Parekh. All rights reserved.

‘Tis time!

Here I've penned the thoughts tossing in my head: 'Tis time to wipe my slate clean, And start afresh again, 'Tis time to bury the dead past, Which like the argosies fiercely tossed, On the dreadful ocean, fast. 'Tis time to wipe my slate clean, And start afresh again, 'Tis time to adorn the present,... Continue Reading →


Todd left his home early in the morning, with his pet dinosaur Steg, for a walk, to a nearby park. On the way, his was deeply absorbed in a thought. He stopped under a shady tree and started rambling. "It is great to have these morning walks with you Steg, it makes me feel active... Continue Reading →


It's gleaming bright in their dead eyes, From the pallor of their puny faces, it's discern, Their twisted bones reciting it all, Their silence shouting it aloud, Crying out with no tears rolling down. Holding back with empty vessels, Probing the dumping grounds for leftovers. Waiting for someone to extend his arm, In dire need... Continue Reading →


  A look of awe crept into his face. Blackness swept in. Few minutes back: Jon stood in the warehouse, gripping his gun tightly, hiding behind the iron rack. It was his first mission and he had a strong desire to succeed. He was an agent in the best espionage team. They were to catch... Continue Reading →

Let’s meet at the horizon

Let's meet at the horizon, Where open sky meets deep oceans, Where there are no boundaries, Where we'll break free from shackles, Where eternal happiness exists, Where sorrow has lost its meaning, Where language of love echoes, Where hatred shatters as glass pieces, Where waves will sing in joy, Where stars will celebrate our union,... Continue Reading →

Timeless Memories

He was searching for his file in the upper shelf of his cupboard, when a photo album fell on his head, divulging a few photographs on the fine wooden flooring. He was instantly teleported back in time. He recollected those exciting days when he was on a world tour. Travelling from one place to other,... Continue Reading →


See my grubby window? Needs to be polished, painted. For a clean, clear view. In response to: The Daily Spur, Photo Prompt

Celebrating Small Wins

She entered her antique kitchen and prepared delicious diet pancakes with strawberry and bluberry toppings. Their sweet smell got her nose. She couldn't resist and the pancakes made their way to her stomach, in no time. She lost three kilos after working hard for almost two weeks. Hence the celebration. In response to: First 50... Continue Reading →

The Sandwich

The child woke up in the morning with the same frown on his innocent face. He performed all his morning routine chores. Disheartened, he sat at the dining table. His father informally greeted him and asked him to have his breakfast. Immediately after, his father left for his urgent meeting. The child was lost as... Continue Reading →


He had big plans. He wanted to conquer the Everest but reality stood before him. He was as poor as a church mouse. But his dreams did not give in to these overpowering circumstances. He started from Mumbai, hitchhiking and reached the Everest base without spending a penny. Chomolungma stood welcoming him. [52 words] In... Continue Reading →

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