Dew of Dawn

The beginning of a new day, Marked by the dawn spray. Not only purifying the green, But also the surroundings keen. My firm arms splayed out, To embrace the chill draught. A sudden flow of current in my body, Awakens all my senses that embody. Revitalizing the sanctum of my mind, Preparing me for the... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #4 : Trapped

With the vision of discovering an unknown place, he stepped into this island with this board, "DANGER DO NOT ENTER." Mesmerized by the tall, bushy magical trees, heavenly flowers, deep lake and beautiful creatures, he decided to sleep on the soft sac present there. The sun sinking below the horizon, woke him up to realize... Continue Reading →

Treasured Possession

Once Alagu was passing through a village, with a briefcase in hand. On his way, he saw an old man sitting on a cot spread outside a house with wobbly walls and a tiny broken door with rusted hinges. There was a small tub laid out for animals to quench their thirst. The old man... Continue Reading →

Acidic Words

String of letters, weak or powerful, polite, and pleasing or harsh,vexing, Are to be used thoughtfully, wisely, Cause words used without thinking, Are acid-like, possibly can burn, The heart of the listener, Causing More harm than the acid itself. Acid just burns one's exterior, Words may burn one internally, Making one severed forever.   Word... Continue Reading →

My Corner- Books, Flowers and Music

That's my corner, adorned with books, flowers and music. Refreshing my body, mind and soul like never before. The place has something new to offer, each day. The books sometimes carry me to alluring fairyland, Other times gives insight the rich cultural heritage. The books sometimes sprinkle fountains of happiness, And other times, sadness caused... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tales #3: Concern

He sat assembling the model morning, noon and night. He wouldn't listen to his mother calling him, "Son, what are you up to?" He came in running, showing his automatic vegetable cutter model and said, "Mother, I plan to bring this model to reality in future, so that you don't cut your fingers." This post... Continue Reading →

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