The Sandwich

The child woke up in the morning with the same frown on his innocent face. He performed all his morning routine chores. Disheartened, he sat at the dining table. His father informally greeted him and asked him to have his breakfast. Immediately after, his father left for his urgent meeting. The child was lost as... Continue Reading →

Treasured Possession

Once Alagu was passing through a village, with a briefcase in hand. On his way, he saw an old man sitting on a cot spread outside a house with wobbly walls and a tiny broken door with rusted hinges. There was a small tub laid out for animals to quench their thirst. The old man... Continue Reading →

My Corner- Books, Flowers and Music

That's my corner, adorned with books, flowers and music. Refreshing my body, mind and soul like never before. The place has something new to offer, each day. The books sometimes carry me to alluring fairyland, Other times gives insight the rich cultural heritage. The books sometimes sprinkle fountains of happiness, And other times, sadness caused... Continue Reading →

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