Photo credit Pobble 365 When the pure silver beauty rises, Obscured in the thick blanket of fog, Toiling it's way through rustling leaves, And reigns the darkness all around, The blood within my veins boils, My skin gets thicker and thicker, My fangs reveal in a way of smile, With gleaming bloody, ravenous eyes, The... Continue Reading →


Like the red hot temper of blazing fire, Thaws the low cold temper of icicles Like the growing warmth of deep desire, Conquors the cool decree of discipline Like the heat of flowing blood acquires, Control over cold bondage of loyalty Like long lost warmth of real love dire, Quells the thirst of lasting cool... Continue Reading →


Oh! No, no, no, no! Not again! You are the seventh person tracing your eyes from the board to me! Don't tell me I'll have to repeat it all over again! Certainly you know that sign, don't you? You wise people definitely know what that sign indicates... No "PETS" Allowed! Me? Do I look like... Continue Reading →


After a tiring day at the CIA, I returned home- my heaven. Hardly had I dropped on my couch, when the doorbell rang. Hesitantly I got up and decided to have a look at my visitor through the peephole. All I could see from the peephole was a man in white hoodie, his face- a... Continue Reading →

My Sanctum

Emotions streaming from brains, Break free from these open hands, Embellishing the wretched walls, Sentiments of all sorts, of any kind, Pitch dark as the threatening hell, Or bright as the sun high in the sky, Tearing apart, flaming fiery fights, Or amorous love flowing in air, Whole burden of crushing stress, Or random strokes... Continue Reading →

Buried Alive

I'm the second heart thumping within her, A tiny seed sown as a sign of their deep love, An angel, full of life, yet yearning to live one, Containing my love, emotions for the world, So many dreams I dream oft, I'll live them all. Kicking, with great excitement, here and there, "Yayyyy!! I'm coming",... Continue Reading →

Candy in the making….

Long back, as a dreamy little child, This tiny chronicle I would abide, The candy I slipped into mouth, hide, Was made in those heavens, wide. By the pink bunnies, who hop, slide, Amass the elements in the old guide, Red from magical berries, on tree side, Orange, the sunflowers would vide, Yellow sweet honey... Continue Reading →

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