The endless path

Is it the long path getting narrower? Or my inability to gauge the former? Shrouded in vagueness of the path taken. Wrapped in fog, vision unclear, faken. Whims and fancies of a smoky mind, Unaware of what's taking at the hind. Where I started? There! With the majority, Walked to the crossroads, with my fraternity,... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #13: Therapeutic

As my game was drawing near to a close, he decided to fulfill all my dream-like wishes, to satiate my thirsty soul. He read through the list- "The Antelope Canyon...check, the Glowing Beach...check and here we are today, at the Lavender Fields." It was such a breathtaking scene, the sun showering all its warmth and... Continue Reading →

The Hideout

Deep into that wilderness, Was our place of happiness, The place made only for us, The place made us, feel us. Our daily hub of great fun, Stringing all us chums, one, As florets of a garland done, Adorning this treehouse spun. At times sun spills it's light, At times clouds spread right? At times... Continue Reading →

A sense of hope

By Aashi D Parekh A blooming flower, Spreading petals, scent, around, Dew drops, a fresh tinge Touched by warm, playful sunshine, A sense of rising hope, new.Thank you!©2020 Aashi D Parekh. All rights reserved.

My Blogging Journey

I know this one's long, but I would be happy, if you could give this a read. I'd like to start with this quote, "Best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn't even think to ask." 500 followers! I’m so happy to announce that today, Falling Upwards has crossed 500 followers on WordPress.... Continue Reading →


Striking, serene summits, Steadily echoing soft silence, Stealing my simple soul away, Spritzing it into the silky sky, Spreading the specks of pink-violet Stars dancing, seraphic, sightly, Showering the stardust on this sphere.... This is my first attempt at writing a Pleiades. It has only one word in the title followed by a Seven line... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Ageless love

When you get jaded, weary and old, When wrinkles of age abase your visage, When the vivacity of springtime gets cold, When your dying beauty is onstage. You'll still rise the youthful fancies in me, I'll still pry for love in your deep eyes, I'll fall for you, when your white hair's free, I'll still... Continue Reading →

Song Lyrics

Fighting flames of fire Hang onto burning wires We don't care anymore Are we fading lovers? We keep wasting colors Maybe we should let this go.......... ..........Never face each other One bed, different covers We don't care anymore Two hearts still beating On with different rhythms Maybe we should let this go ∼All we know... Continue Reading →

Longing for Freedom

(Set in 19th century) Leaving her pet humming bird free, she said, "Today I free you from this caged life, you are free to fly wherever you long to, far and wide. You are free to sing to your heart's content. I've realized how you felt, only after realizing that I myself am shut in... Continue Reading →

The bungled sale

One day my mum, sat down reading the newspaper, which announced "Grand Sale only at your own Hypermart on July 7th!! Hurry now!". She was struck dumb. You know how all our mothers are. She screamed, calling for me keenly. I came running, wondering what on the Earth had happened. She said, "Sweety, there's a... Continue Reading →


The jet black blanket, Bracing an aurous, Amalgamation- heat and light, Radiating bright, On the azure-emerald, Sphere, thriving life. The cold, glorious, White body aligns, between, Forming a divine syzygy! In response to: Weekend Writing Prompt- Syzygy Thank you!


And now, I see his free soul gamboling about his only pretty, purple expanse, to his heart's content, And then in the blink of an eye, he leaves for the heavens amidst those mighty, green hills, unknown, oblivious to mortal beings, Leaving me down and broken, all in tears, damped, no one to console, no... Continue Reading →

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