Heathers for sale!

Sale! Sale! Heathers for sale! Use them to embellish the dreamy groom's fancies' bed or to fragrance the sleep of the dead in his grim grey grave. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write a poem or a prose on the word Heather in exactly 27... Continue Reading →

The Megaliths

The magnificent megalithsStand in pride, singing ofThe glory of the long pastThe grandeur of the valiantThe sacred customs emulatedThey, the uncivilized geniusesThat did worship the forcesThat did kindle their artistryBringing about the greatestCivilizations- the beginningTheir gift to the mankind.... This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write... Continue Reading →


Hey, what's up with you? Why do you hide yourself from me? You know how much I love sitting in this balcony and having a cup of coffee with you, in the mornings. You make me feel sprightly, otherwise I'm lethargic. Also my clothes haven't dried for past three days😅. Can't bear with your cavalier... Continue Reading →


The jet black blanket, Bracing an aurous, Amalgamation- heat and light, Radiating bright, On the azure-emerald, Sphere, thriving life. The cold, glorious, White body aligns, between, Forming a divine syzygy! In response to: Weekend Writing Prompt- Syzygy Thank you!

The nightly errand

She enters the house every evening, with her gang, unwelcome guests, through that window, unnoticed. She enjoins the gang, "Be watchful. Spread yourselves in all the corners. Yonder, those rooms harbour those petty beings. Verily, swear by the Gods, you won't let them have peaceful slumber. Hide behind those curtains first, then buzz with all... Continue Reading →


              She began gallivanting around places, performing extreme sports like skydiving from open skies, zip-lining over long distances, river-rafting in white waters, bungee-jumping from the greatest heights and rope-walking from one cliff to other, inviting thrill into her life, along with lots of goosebumps, overcoming her fears. [46 words]... Continue Reading →


He was obdurate enough, not to let go of the sharp piercing words of his 'so called' friends. Their oppressive bullying each day, added on, like fuel to the fire blazing within him. All that they spewed out of their mouths and their harsh treatment floated before his eyes ceaselessly. All he could do was,... Continue Reading →

Shades and Seasons

Kaleidoscope of shades and seasons, Sometimes warmth on shoulders, Sometimes grey cover, Sometimes flower blossoms, Sometimes leaves wither, There is magic in kaleidoscope. In response to: Weekend Writing Prompt Thank you!!


He had big plans. He wanted to conquer the Everest but reality stood before him. He was as poor as a church mouse. But his dreams did not give in to these overpowering circumstances. He started from Mumbai, hitchhiking and reached the Everest base without spending a penny. Chomolungma stood welcoming him. [52 words] In... Continue Reading →

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