Three Line Tale #22: The Quest

three line tales, week 248: girl with faceprint walking at fair

A strange feeling of warmth lured her into the funfair.

Innately, she longed to seek, that which she did lose, years back, in the same funfair….

On losing her loving parents in the fair, her childhood lost, in cold labour frost.

This post was written in response to Three Line Tales 248. I thank Sonya for hosting this challenge. The challenge was to write three lines inspired from the prompt.

Thank you!

24 thoughts on “Three Line Tale #22: The Quest

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      1. Ohhh ok 👍 it’s tough to write when the focus is entirely on something else .. happens 😊 come back calmer and rejuvenated with assignments done n dusted❣️ .. see you around, Aashi

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      2. Yes, this is not ending at all. The problem is with online studies. Sitting all day long in front of screens. After that I feel very tired. If we were to attend offline classes, we would have time with friends and fests every now and then but now it’s only studies which is very tiring😔

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      3. Oh yes that’s very tiring! Just yesterday I got worked up with kids’ online classes and told out loud “hope this corona spell ends soon and you two go to school” 🙃it’s draining actually.. monotonous

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      1. I’m good Aashi, I too am getting into a block .. I usually schedule my posts, nowadays my mind is blank when I want to write. Six word and twenty word stories to my rescue 😃

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