Greetings! I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy! Here I have a small announcement to make. For the next 8 days, I wouldn't be able to blog. That's because we're having an 8 day festival. However, I've decided to schedule some posts for the next few days. It's indeed sad I wouldn't be able... Continue Reading →

My Blogging Journey

I know this one's long, but I would be happy, if you could give this a read. I'd like to start with this quote, "Best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn't even think to ask." 500 followers! I’m so happy to announce that today, Falling Upwards has crossed 500 followers on WordPress.... Continue Reading →

100 Posts!!

Wowww 🤩!!! I'm filled with glee! I can't believe, I've written 100 posts on Falling upwards! It's an awesome feeling! Also, Falling upwards has crossed 400 followers a few days back. I acknowledge all your support and affection that you have showered over this blog. I thank all of you for reading my posts, good... Continue Reading →

100 follows!!

Greetings! It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that I have reached the 100 follows mark. Just like how a seedling requires sunlight, water and air to grow into a tall, verdant tree,  my blog too required your love and support to grow. And you people have provided me with all the encouragement and... Continue Reading →


I have mainly posted this to thank my fellow bloggers for supporting me and liking my random pieces of writings. You all have helped me to become a confident person. I am glad to have 50+ followers, 100 likes and also I have posted 15 articles till now. All this is because of your support.... Continue Reading →

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