Photo credit Pobble 365 When the pure silver beauty rises, Obscured in the thick blanket of fog, Toiling it's way through rustling leaves, And reigns the darkness all around, The blood within my veins boils, My skin gets thicker and thicker, My fangs reveal in a way of smile, With gleaming bloody, ravenous eyes, The... Continue Reading →


Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com I still remember the unfortunate day, I was to go for my job interview in May, My mother wouldn't stop but pray, The beads in her hand steadily sway. My father, his hair all in white, (Definitely not under sunlight) Pacing across the hall, in dim light, Showering his... Continue Reading →

The art of solitude

There are times when you need to sit all by yourself. There are times when you need to press pause button on all that's going on around you and listen to the music that your soul plays. There are times when you need to gather all your courage and meet yourself. Carving out a little... Continue Reading →

Six Word Story #21

Speeding on highway: his last mistake. This post was written in response to Six Word Story Prompt. The challenge was to write a six word story on the word Mistake. Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

O Thou Lone Star

O thou lone star,My only glimmer of faint hope,In the menacing darkness of this undying night,I cling onto you fast, for losing you, I wouldn't find myself. Guide me,Through these endless oceans,Waters rolling over, from all sides,When I've lost all my heart to stay afloat. Lead me,When the fleeting illusions,In these dull, dead, dreary deserts,Compel... Continue Reading →

102 years?

Taking a puff or two of his fancy cigar, he said, “Well kid, when you see death,  just tell him, I ain’t ready you skeletal piece of shit! And if I see you again, I’m gonna stick my foot up your ass!” Feeling a little out of place, I drew all my courage to ask... Continue Reading →

Let me fall…

Cometh the hour, of my gentle fallFall is inevitable, certain for allAll kissed off by the spiteful windWinds are mighty, blow off the bindBound to my roots, for aeon, moreMore of it and an arduous adieu forthForth I'm to depart, into the warmthThe warm lap of the tender earthEarth replenishes, sways new birthBirth of a... Continue Reading →


Painting By Aashi D Parekh Shedding thousands of dreams,To make his, mine, life gleam,Heart bears bated march within,As the fresh chapter begins… Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

Six Word Story #20

Six dined, one lived for breakfast. This post was written in response to Six Word Story Prompt-Dinner. The challenge was to write a six word story on the word Dinner. I thank Shweta for hosting this challenge. Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

Three Line Tale #22: The Quest

A strange feeling of warmth lured her into the funfair. Innately, she longed to seek, that which she did lose, years back, in the same funfair.... On losing her loving parents in the fair, her childhood lost, in cold labour frost. This post was written in response to Three Line Tales 248. I thank Sonya... Continue Reading →

Heathers for sale!

Sale! Sale! Heathers for sale! Use them to embellish the dreamy groom's fancies' bed or to fragrance the sleep of the dead in his grim grey grave. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write a poem or a prose on the word Heather in exactly 27... Continue Reading →


Why do the darkest rooms lie behind the most colorful walls? Why are the deepest secrets found behind the most cheerful visages? Why are the loneliest people found among the hugest crowds? It's all so deceptive.

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