Photo credit Pobble 365 When the pure silver beauty rises, Obscured in the thick blanket of fog, Toiling it's way through rustling leaves, And reigns the darkness all around, The blood within my veins boils, My skin gets thicker and thicker, My fangs reveal in a way of smile, With gleaming bloody, ravenous eyes, The... Continue Reading →


Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com I still remember the unfortunate day, I was to go for my job interview in May, My mother wouldn't stop but pray, The beads in her hand steadily sway. My father, his hair all in white, (Definitely not under sunlight) Pacing across the hall, in dim light, Showering his... Continue Reading →

Let me fall…

Cometh the hour, of my gentle fallFall is inevitable, certain for allAll kissed off by the spiteful windWinds are mighty, blow off the bindBound to my roots, for aeon, moreMore of it and an arduous adieu forthForth I'm to depart, into the warmthThe warm lap of the tender earthEarth replenishes, sways new birthBirth of a... Continue Reading →


Painting By Aashi D Parekh Shedding thousands of dreams,To make his, mine, life gleam,Heart bears bated march within,As the fresh chapter begins… Thank you! ©Aashi D Parekh

An Orison

Oh my little birdie, fly high High into that limitless skyTo well deliver my little pleaTo the Above One, you see?Who has turned a deaf earTo our muddles, seem merePray him, to heal the worldOf all that is to be transformedBurning wrath to be effacedCold hostility to warm embrace This post was written in response... Continue Reading →

The Megaliths

The magnificent megalithsStand in pride, singing ofThe glory of the long pastThe grandeur of the valiantThe sacred customs emulatedThey, the uncivilized geniusesThat did worship the forcesThat did kindle their artistryBringing about the greatestCivilizations- the beginningTheir gift to the mankind.... This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write... Continue Reading →

Life goes on…..

Under that gold sun, sweating all day longDirecting the truck through city throngsWhen sun sinks below the horizon, alongDarkness swallows, their wearies strongThe nightly custom, a wait so prolongedThe two pals meet to sing of a day so long In narrow cobbled street, under lights' glowUnclear words flowing thru a puff or twoMerry laughter banishes... Continue Reading →


Setting all those maps on fireLoading a bag full of thrillsTaking those roads never takenCause directions are delusiveHinder new ways to be exploredI roll under the abstract skiesLike that lone stone, hot to trotTo explore every nook and cornerOf the small sphere all aroundTo embrace those strong windsThat conspire to blow againstAdrenaline rushing through my... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: On such a night…

On such a night, when the skies blushed pinkCherishing the bloom of a new moon brightDazzling stars sung in unison, on sky's brinkOur hearts, resonating, in rhythm rightRolling waters kissing the sands, serenadeRustling leaves, whisper of love, to winds fairAnd sweet silence echoes, this lovely gladeSecluding us from that world, a fading lairMy eyes playing... Continue Reading →

Sands of Time

On the fine sands of time,With bated breath, mine,I stagger, fall, get up fine,With might again, I climb. The dunes beat me off rhyme,All blow against: wind, clime,The inner conscience whines,"Nothing in hands of thine." I grip in my hands, sands fine,The more I fist sands refined,The grains slip, in swift lines,From the weary hands... Continue Reading →

My Fair Lady

It's to you, my Fair LadyI reckon and I prey theeBe mine, leave not my sideThrough this journey, guideLet not the wretched thornsCross my feet, but scornAnd if they vow to do soTurn their hearts light lowInto beaut blooming flowersSoftness emanating from coreMy Fair Lady, let not soreDarkness invade my dear soulBut the light of... Continue Reading →


Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com The true embody of sheer powerAlong with mystery that hoversLabours meticulously, the sewerKnits her trap webs, for hoursTricks her prey, space scouredCleverly, traps them, foe sour We learn this, with much adoWe knit the web of lies, I do!Oft, to escape traps and bluesTo achingly realise, a few do!I... Continue Reading →

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