Heathers for sale!

Sale! Sale! Heathers for sale! Use them to embellish the dreamy groom's fancies' bed or to fragrance the sleep of the dead in his grim grey grave. This post was written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write a poem or a prose on the word Heather in exactly 27... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #21: No Foolery!

Why stare at me like that? No, this is no show of foolery! I'm an artiste, I feel happy filling your life with rainbows and dreams.... This post was written in response to Three Line Tales 243. I thank Sonya for hosting this challenge. The challenge was to write three lines inspired from the prompt.... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #20: A Plea

Oh no, little fox pup, don't try this with him, don't haggle with him, stay away! Your pain, terror reflected in your deep eyes on your shrunken little countenance, won't melt his heart. He's the same monster who put your mother to a big sleep, in a "merry" sport for his "recreation". This post was... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #19: Journey

Being very excited on exploring the beauty of Serenissima, with her love, Amanda waited for Dariel at the spot they had decided. She frantically gave eager glances at her watch, every minute or so. At once, the skipper from within the water taxi alighted asking her, "Ma'am are you waiting for me?", taking off his... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #18: Awakening

Yes dear Cory, in the same flea market, I took to pickpocketing, that being my first and the last time. "How did that happen, grandpa?", questioned little Cory. I slyly got my hands on a man's wallet, having a photograph, probably of his beloved and next something within me struck: I was not only stealing... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #15: Hide ‘N Seek

Only today, the Eazeee Wash Launderette had given the above advertisement in the Daily Express with the tag line- “When clothes come to life!” The five year old, Kara stared intently at this picture, only to air a spark in her tiny head. And now she knew exactly where to hide, when her mum comes… Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #14: Innocence

And she ran away from the rolling waters, which swallowed her little castle, guarded by her pet Teo. She exclaimed with a grimace, "That water ate away my castle", with a pause she continued, "No problem! I'll make a bigger one and decorate it with flowers this time!" Teo was baffled when she ended up... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #13: Therapeutic

As my game was drawing near to a close, he decided to fulfill all my dream-like wishes, to satiate my thirsty soul. He read through the list- "The Antelope Canyon...check, the Glowing Beach...check and here we are today, at the Lavender Fields." It was such a breathtaking scene, the sun showering all its warmth and... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #12: Found My Place!

'They' always said, "You won't be able to, cause passion is always crushed under the feet of duty." But today my ever awaiting eyes under this cap, gleam with bliss when the violin bow slides along these strings, winning their hearts. And that little heart beating it's march within, says, "I did it!", a retired... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #11: Musing

Every time he visited this place he thanked the old owner and he couldn't stop staring at this dull, monochrome wall. It brought back memories from his lost, poverty-stricken childhood, where he picked the leftover spray paints from the dumping ground and painted his black and white emotions on this wall, although the owner would... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tale #9: Escape from reality

She gets out, every evening, from her wobbly hut, sheltering her granny, at death's door, her mother coughing through the smoke spreading from the chullah and her father, fed up of his life, having seen nothing but poverty. Each day she cycles to the bridge- her escape from reality, the sky of her dreams, welcoming... Continue Reading →

The masterpiece

Dan began with crimson red, smearing it all over. Then he continued with chrome yellow, followed by prussian blue and so on. This way his bulb was ready. He fixed it into the bulb holder and went downstairs. The same morning she had complained, "Dad, it's been days since I've been out, not even to... Continue Reading →

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