My Favourite Feelings: 1

‘Falling upwards’ was nominated for this tag “10 of my Favourite Feelings” by Shweta, My Random Ramblings. I thank her for nominating me for this tag. My sincere apologies for the delay.

About the Tag:

The tag is the brainchild of Xandria. In her own words, she came across a couple of YouTube videos called “My Favourite Feelings” and absolutely loved it. So she had the brilliant idea of creating this tag.

My Favourite Feelings:

As I’d informed you in the last post that I’d be posting a poem for each of my favourite feeling. These poems which I’ve scheduled are very small and simple, cause I wasn’t able to give much time for these. Hope you like this attempt!

Here comes my Feeling #1:

New Counselling Office Location to Serve Hamilton, Dundas ...

Winds from the great heavens above,
Oft, lure me out in the glowing twilight,
With cycle at my hand, outdoors, I go,
Riding with all my strength at height,
My hair kissing the winds that blow,
The gentle touch of the cool wind’s gait,
Soft, fresh, face turning into pink glow,
Filling shimmering happiness, in my sight.

©Aashi D Parekh

Thank you!

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